CEREC Primescan

Accurate and precise, the CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner allows the doctor to take digital impressions of patients’ teeth. Patients will have a comfortable, impression-free experience without the mess and gagging associated with traditional impressions. Using the scanner allows us to be more efficient and can reduce the number of visits to the office, saving time and money. The CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner allows doctors to share files with other trusted partners for expanded clinical solutions and can be transmitted directly to our dental labs where CAD/CAM technology is used to create durable and high quality restorations.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Milling (CAM) offers advanced treatment options with less waiting time for a restoration. Depending on the procedure(s) being performed, your dental restoration(s) is milled out of a solid piece of tooth colored material providing excellent durability and may be able to be placed on the same day or next day instead of the usual wait of one to two weeks or more. The restoration(s) is designed using advanced computer 3D technology that can analyze the interaction of the new restoration with your other teeth. Advancements in materials and technology have provided many options for great restorations that can both look great, provide superior strength compared to other restorations, and reduce the need for multiple visits to the office.